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The hoodie is one of the most commonplace and divisive outfits. Depending on who is wearing it, it may be something put on for a sober walk to the local store, a representation of corporate dominance during

the Zuckerberg age, or the subject of several inquiries over discrimination based on race, class, and other factors. A new show called The Hoodie, which debuts on December 1 at the Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, explores A new exhibition exploring the hoodie opens in Rotterdam

the cultural background around this commonplace article of clothing via the use of artworks, photography, found items, cinematography, and, of course, the actual hoodie.

The exhibition aims to utilize the Ahegao hoodie to examine the issues surrounding it rather than providing a comprehensive history.

The curator of the show, Lou Stoppard, claims that the hoodie is closely associated with youth and class in the UK. “I had a brief internship at Sky News before I began working in the fashion industry, and I was there during the London riots. A new exhibition exploring the hoodie opens in Rotterdam

There was always a young man in a hoodie whenever a video editor chose a still for their report. I was a child during the “hug a hoodie” craze. A new exhibition exploring the hoodie opens in Rotterdam

The Hoodie

While David Cameron never really said it, the expression “hug a hoodie” has become one of the most memorable symbols of his leadership.

The term originated as a parody of a speech by Cameron from 2006, in which he sought to dispel the myth that Conservatives were callously harsh on youthful offenders:

“We, the ones in suits, frequently perceive hoodies as hostile, the garb of a young gangster rebel army. Hoodies, however, are frequently more defensive

than offensive for young people. They allow you to blend in on the street. The best course of action in a risky situation is to keep your head down, blend in, and avoid standing out.

The boombox-shaped Boijmans Museum in the Netherlands has recently unveiled a new exploration of the hoodie – a clothing item that has been in circulation since the 1920s – in an exhibition aptly named ‘The Hoodie: It’s History and Meaning’. This diverse show explores the evolution of the hoodie while also highlighting its significance in contemporary culture.

The thoughtfully-curated exhibition uses a range of artefacts, installations and visual material to explore the hoodie’s journey over the decades. Items on show range from early examples of the hooded jacket to contemporary designs, alongside sneakers, jewellery and photography by the likes of Viviane Sassen and Ari Versluis.

Curator Eva Scharrer has cleverly used the aspects of hoodies that have made them popular over the years – from the comfort and warmth of their hoods to the fact they are often seen as oppositional or rebellious – to examine broader themes, including the rise of low-key sartorial trends, streetwear and the representation of identity.

‘The Hoodie: It’s History and Meaning’ is an expansive and insightful look at the hoodie and its place in fashion history. It seeks to challenge the current notions of what it can be, exploring how designers, brands and individuals use and customize the item to claim their identity and represent themselves.

The exhibition will be on show at the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam until the 29th of March 2020. It is truly an interesting opportunity to learn more about the iconic hoodie, and is a must-see for all fashion enthusiasts.

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