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Forbes:Firefly Raises $30 Million To Expand Its Billboard Business To Tops Of New York Taxis, Ubers

Six months after emerging from stealth, Firefly is bringing its digital taxi toppers to New York City, thanks to a fresh $30 million funding round led by GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) with participation from existing investor NFX.

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Techcrunch:Firefly raises $30M to bring more ads to Ubers, Lyfts and taxis

Firefly, a startup that allows ride-hail drivers to make money from advertising, has raised $30 million in Series A funding.

The company is about to launch in New York City, where it’s also acquiring the digital operations of advertising company Strong Outdoor. Co-founder and CEO Kaan Gunay said this will allow Firefly to start working with traditional taxis in a big way.

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Crunchbase: Firefly raises $30M To Place Digital Ads On Cars, Expands Beyond SF To NYC Crunchbase:

San Francisco’s Firefly, which puts digital advertisements on top of taxis, food delivery and ride-sharing cars, has raised $30 million in its Series A, led by GVAfter launching out of stealth in December, the company has raised $51.5 million to-date.

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Venturebeat: Firefly raises $30 million to put electronic ads on ride-hailing cars Venturebeat:

The gig driving economy might be growing, but excepting cities with minimum wage laws for ride-hailing drivers, the pay certainly isn’t getting any better. Lyft says its drivers’ median earnings work out to $18.83 an hour nationally. A Buzzfeed survey found that Uber drivers in Denver, Detroit, and Houston earned just $13.25 an hour on average. And in a recent survey disputed by Uber, MIT researchers reported that Uber and Lyft drivers’ median pretax profit was $3.37 per hour.

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San Francisco Business Times: S.F. startup takes smart advertising atop Ubers and Lyfts bi-coastal San Francisco Business Times:

San Francisco-based Firefly has found the latest frontier for targeted advertising: the roofs of Uber and Lyft vehicles.

The outdoor advertising platform, which came out of stealth in December, has netted $30 million in a round led by GV, formerly known as Google Ventures, bringing its total funding to $51.5 million, the company said Thursday.

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