Configure VPN site to site in netscreen device

In this post, we will describe how to configure VPN site-to-site in netscreen devices.

The screen OS used is 6.3.X

[blockquote align=”none” author=””]The connection it will be secured throw VPN tunnel between servers and[/blockquote]

Network Topology

Configure VPN Using web interface

On site A, Click VPNs→ Autokey Advanced → Gateway and Click New

Gateway Name: SiteB-GW

Remote Gateway and Select Static IP Address (,

Phase1 Creation

then click Advanced:

Preshared Key netscreen, Select the outgoing interface (Ethernet 0/0) and security level (pre-g2-3des-sha). Click Return and OK

Phase 1 Advanced parameters

After Creating Phase 1, We need to create Phase 2 VPN

Click VPNs → AutokeyIKE →New

VPN Name: SiteB-VPN

Remote Gateway: use the phase 1 SiteB and click Advanced

Phase 2 Creation

Security Level, User Defined: Select Custom, and Select Phase 2 Proposal: g2-esp-3des-sha
Then click Return and OK

phase 2 advanced parameters

After configuring the Phase 2, we need to configure the proxy ID (Define the local and Remote network)

Click VPNèAutokey IKE → SiteB-VPN → ProxyID

proxy id creation

Local IP: The local network

Remote IP: The remote network

Service ANY

Then Click New

Proxy ID Creation

After configure the VPN, we need to create a policy to permit traffic between the two sites.

Click policy → Policies

Select from trust to Untrust, and Click New

Source Address: Click New Address, and enter

Destination Address: Click New Address, and enter

Service: Any

Action: Tunnel

Tunnel : SiteB-VPN

Position at Top: Enabled

And click OK

Configure VPN using CLI

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