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As concerned individualities and pursuing masterminds, were greatly affected by the adversity of the counter accusations of the Corona Virus and therefore decided to come up with a result that aims to produce a digital tracking  and monitoring system so as to pacify the fear that’s generated from the counter accusations and inflexibility of the COVID-19 contagion. This digital result system is targeted to help the millions in carrying all the applicable and necessary information related to the script that would keep them well informed and streamlined and also give them an immediate and primary backing if they develop the symptoms of the COVID-19 contagion so as they can be subordinated to immediate medical care and attending.

How safe is your School Environment

 Seminaries in the US need to go all out for sustainable academy operations and ensure children feel confident coming to the academy every day. In an in-person literacy setting, with children and preceptors coming in propinquity with each other, the chances of a spread are high. Thus, it’s critical to have the necessary tools and systems in place to keep a possible outbreak under control. Also,

  •  Parents need to feel confident about transferring their children to the academy for in-person literacy
  •  Scholars should feel confident being among their musketeers and preceptors
  •  Seminaries need a healthcare system that tracks COVID 19 cases methodically and track statuses in real-time
  •  The COVID-19 system must misbehave with all guidelines laid down by the Board of Education, Board of Health, as well as insure the security of scholars’  identifiable information with FERPA and HIPAA.

Is your school safe enough to ensure that students continue to learn?

The necessity for an effective school health tracking system to track communicable diseases was highlighted at COVID-19. Your school has an effective first line of defense with EduHealth’s COVID-19 tracking and contact tracing system, which allows school nurses to take preventive measures in the event of a spread and provide a healthy learning environment.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Tracking Features for Schools

  • A comprehensive list of symptoms
  • An overview of all confirmed/suspected cases, as well as false positives
  • Automated status updates and reminders for status changes
  • Integration with third-party SIS solutions is simple
  • Cohort Management
  • Assessment of risk and exposure
  • Monitoring of symptoms and quarantine
  • Reporting and case analysis
  • Contact details in case of an emergency
  • Compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, and other operating systems
  • Creating a comprehensive report

Benefits of COVID-19 Tracker Software to schools

  •  Early symptom warning

 Academy nursers and parents can snappily track children’s symptoms and pitfalls of exposure through EduHealth. Digitally streamlining this information can wipe out the blend-ups and crimes of homemade data entry. Seminaries can nearly cover symptoms and exposures, thereby keeping their academy terrain safe.

  •  Comprehensive case tracking

The data of scholars and staff showing symptoms can be tracked and a comprehensive symptom roster can be generated. School nurses can track statuses of the COVID-19 cases, examiner verified cases and those in counter blockade, trace suspected cases and their contact information, and admit automated status updates.

  •  Cohort Management

 EduHealth has cohort operations for quick identification of pupil groups and staff that have been exposed to the infection. This way seminaries can assess the pitfalls and help the spread of complaints through visionary monitoring and deployment of quick measures to manage any adverse situation.

  •  Single- system shadowing of COVID-19

 Schools have data managed centrally on the EduHealth COVID-19 shadowing system. Symptom updates of remote scholars transferred by parents can be collated on the system together with nanny’s observation of children learning in the academy. This gives the academy health authorities complete visibility into the status of COVID-19 cases of scholars and staff in the academy.

  •  Quick report generation

 Schools can produce comprehensive reports of their scholars and staff in the COVID-19 shamus. The real- time reports will ensure that academy authorities have over-to- date information of each pupil. Seminaries can also partake these reports with authorized help, and original and state health authorities in a secure way. The quick report generation reduces the executive sweats of academy nurses and makes pupil information accessible in a many clicks.

  •  Exigency contact announcements

 Exigency contact announcements can be transferred to parents/ guardians through multiple platforms like emails, dispatches or direct calls on the EduHealth COVID-19 shamus module. This way seminaries and parents can take quick conduct during the circumstance of an emergency. Individualized emergency announcements can be transferred to parents directly on the platform and academy nurses would not need to depend on an external system to get these dispatches across to the right connections.


EduHealth has real – time monitoring of the scholars medical data. The contact tracing dashboard will show real – time numbers of the scholars who are infected, scholars who have been quarantined, false cons, and other applicable information. School nurses will have a precise understanding of who they interacted with, and where they’ve been. This way contact tracing can ensure a complaint spreads in the academy. School Health Management Software is mandatory for every school.

As schools/ sections renew across the country, strategies for precluding another wide surge of COVID-19 transmission are a high precedence. Contact tracking is one of the stylish tools to make sure that scholars and staff stay safe from infection, therefore saving seminaries from getting into another hard-pressed situation. EduHealth’s purpose in this environment is to make academy operations smooth by furnishing them with complete control of COVID-19 tracking and contact tracing data.

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