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Fearing the Lord entails being in awe of His holiness, showing Him the utmost respect, and recognizing Him as the God of unfathomable splendor, majesty, purity, and might. For instance, due of God’s immense strength, the Israelites “trembled” in dread when He revealed Himself to them at Mount Sinai with “thunder and lightning, with a thick cloud over the mountain, and a very loud trumpet blast” (Ex 19:16). In order to avoid having to deal with God directly, they even implored Moses to convey God’s word to them (Ex 20:18-19; Dt 5:22-27). Moreover, the psalmist writes: “Let all the earth fear the Lord, let all the inhabitants of the globe worship Him. Essentials hoody


Believers who have a genuine fear of the Lord put their complete and total faith and trust in Him alone for salvation. For instance, the Israelis “fear[edh] the Lord and put their trust in Him” after seeing how God annihilated the Egyptian army that pursued them after they had crossed the Red Sea on dry land. “Trust in the Lord-He is your help and shield,” the psalmist exhorts all who fear the Lord (Ps 115:11). In other words, when we fear God, we develop faith, hope, and trust in Him—all of which are essential when we turn to God for forgiveness, mercy, and spiritual redemption (Lk 1:50; see also Ps 103:11; 130:4). (Ps 85:9). God’s fear in this context refers to a feeling of belief and confidence.Essentials t shirt


Last but not least, to fear God is to understand that He is enraged by sin and that He has the authority to chastise those who rebel arrogantly against Him and disobey His rules (cf. Ps 76:7-8). When Adam and Eve committed sin in the Garden of Eden, they fled from God out of fear (Ge 3:8-10). I feared the rage and wrath of the Lord, for He was angry enough with you to destroy you, said Moses as he prayed for the rebellious Israelites for forty days and forty nights (Dt 9:19). It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God, the author of Hebrews in the NT writes after acknowledging God’s impending wrath and punishment.Essentials shorts

First of all, if we sincerely fear the Lord, we will follow His instructions, live in accordance with His Word, and refuse to commit sin. At Mount Sinai, God frightened the Israelis in order for them to learn to avoid and reject sin and to observe his law (Ex 20:20). Moses made numerous connections between serving and obeying God and fearing Him in his farewell speech to the Israelis

The fear of the Lord is of great importance in society due to its capability of producing awe and respect. The notion of fearing a deity, however, can often be misinterpreted as being scared or even holding a negative feeling towards a deity. In reality, the concept of “fearing” someone or something can be taken in many different forms, even nice ones.

The phrase “fear of the Lord” is an example of a phrase which speaks to understanding, respect and admiration of a deity. Payer and meditation and reflection of scripture can help to create a better understanding of the notion of “fearing the Lord”. When the Lord is truly feared and respected, it creates a deep reverence, awe and appreciation in one’s heart, producing feelings of being in the presence of greatness and majesty.

Awe is a wonderful emotion and being in God’s presence can be one of the most powerful heightened states of being a person can have. Not only does it show our love and respect for the Almighty, but at the same time it also puts our own lives into perspective when it comes to the grandeur and majesty of our creator.

The fear of the Lord can create humility, forcing us to be honest with ourselves and accept that God is always in control. This includes admitting our own mistakes, accepting responsibility and humbly asking for forgiveness. This inner self reflection helps to create a greater respect and appreciation for the Lord, and a feeling of awe when we come in contact with his pure and unselfish love.

When the Lord is truly feared and respected, it allows us to seek a deeper level of communion with him, to go beyond the normal cookie cutter worship experience to something far beyond what we can even imagine. With the fear of the Lord we gain insight into the awesome power and might of our Creator, who we owe our very lives to.

All in all, fear of the Lord can produce awe and can be considered a fundamental starting point for our relationship with our creator. It is only with a true, genuine and intense fear of the Lord that we can attain a deeper level of understanding, respect, love and admiration for all that he has done and sacrificed for us.

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