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It is the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an online portal for government. It serves as a single place to allow easy online purchasing of consumer goods and services required by different government departments. The principal goal of GeM is to guarantee the transparency, efficiency and speed when it comes to purchasing goods and services.

GeM is a website that allows sellers and buyers can sign up their goods via auction or direct purchase. The department will contact the registered user and provides them the bulk purchase. In this way, government has extended its assistance to suppliers who want to work with government to fulfill the various requirements of the government at the most affordable price.

On this site, the buyer can browse, compare and select the best. They can apply filters to add specifications as well as the quantities and other information of the product. Sellers are able to list their products in accordance with the requirements from the authorities. Prices are able to be altered depending on the evolving needs and market conditions. Sellers can keep an eye on the supply, payment and availability of the product. Sellers can also conduct bidding on the items through this website.

What are the benefits of GeM registration?

GEM registration allows small dealers, manufacturers as well as service companies to join the vast and interactive online marketplace, which allows them to directly sell their goods and services to buyers from departmental, corporate and PSUs. The government agencies that are authorized to purchase the products as well as services from manufacturers and private sellers immediately and in a hassle-free manner.

What are the differences between GeM and GeM startup runway? GeM differs from GeM start-up runway?

Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an online platform for procurement for government departments and ministries and is the most widely utilized channel for public procurement. Small-medium Enterprises startups that are accepted by DPIIT and other private businesses are able to sign up on the GeM platform as suppliers and then sell listed items or services to a the government department.

However, GeM startup runway is an initiative that was launched by GeM to enable startups to tap into the entire market of government buyers by offering products that are distinctive in their process. Startups that are recognized can view on the GeM startup runway via their GeM dashboard. There, they can spread awareness of their products and services they offer by completing an application that outlines the product and potential buyers (ministers of government departments). “GeM startup runway “GeM startup runway” is an original concept developed by the government’s e-Marketplace, in collaboration with startup india, in order to encourage entrepreneurship by encouraging innovative thinking.

Benefits for DPIIT acknowledged entrepreneurs on GeM

  • Startups are exempt from the tough guidelines for selection like requirements for prior knowledge, prior turnover, etc.
  • Pilot projects: the chance to develop trials orders together with the federal government, making them more inclined to be willing to risk an innovative product.
  • Feedback system: Customers are able to give a rating to the item or service via the website.
  • Flexibility: It offers an array of options for products that need to be creative in order to publish of content on this platform.


For Buyers

  • Good selection of items.
  • It aids buyers in exploring options, evaluate and ultimately choose the best product.
  • You can buy online any time.
  • It is transparent and allows for ease of buying.
  • A user-friendly dashboard for buying as well as observing payments and supplies.

For Sellers

  • Facilitates communication to all departments of the government.
  • It offers a place to shop for advertising , with no effort and auctions on items or services.
  • It allows you to modify the process according to market conditions.
  • Seller-friendly dashboard to sell and monitoring purchases and payments.
  • Offer the same buying procedures.

Documents Required For GeM Registration

  • GeM Registration Documents
  • More Documents
  • Details of the principal business
  • Certificate of registration Certificate of incorporation GST certificate or MSME certification
  • Pan card Aadhar card, or other evidence of address for the applicant
  • The nature of the business and the details of the products and services to be sold through the GEM portal
  • Mobile number & active email id

Only authorized representatives of central government departments, states department of government public sector enterprises, and autonomous organizations can buy through GeM. The directorate of supplies and disposals has authorized officers in grade joint secretary, and equivalent to purchasing through GeM. Furthermore, authorized officers may also authorize other officers in their department to purchase from GeM. In order for a government official to be registered as a buyer, the these details must be provided:

Procedure for GeM Registration

Manufacturers, traders, and service providers are able to be registered as follows:
Create an GeM user ID and password using the seller account on GeM Official Portal.

  • After creating login , go to catalog, click on the product and then add a new one to add new product. you will need to fill in the following information:
    General information on the organization
    Quantities you’re willing to sell, as well as the price you are willing to pay
    Specifications for the products
    Images of the goods being sold.
  • After filling out all of the above information, these terms and conditions need to be accepted. The product will be uploaded for submission to GEM portal. Once this is done, wait for a reply from the department on the product.

Procedure For Buyer Registration

Only authorized representatives of departmental government units, state government departments as well as public sector enterprises and autonomous entities can purchase through the GeM’s portal. The directorate of supplies and disposals has authorized officers with grade joint secretary, and equivalent to purchasing through GeM. Furthermore, authorized officers may additionally authorize other officials of their department to purchase from GeM. In order for a government official to be registered as a buyer, the the following information is required:

  • Aadhar number (mandatory)
  • Working mobile number and official email ID
  • Autorisation from the competent authority of their department

In India, the Government e-Marketplace (GEM) is an online platform designed to promote transparency, efficiency and integrity in public procurement. Launched in August 2016, by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, this portal provides an electronic platform for government departments and other public sector undertakings (PSUs) to procure goods and services from registered vendors. GEM provides benefits such as improved transparency, efficiency, cost savings and better access to vendors.

The registration process for becoming a GEM Registered Vendor is fairly simple. All interested firms must visit the GEM portal and create an account to start the registration process. Once the account has been created, the registration process must be completed with the help of either a primary user who is the authorized representative of the firm, or a buyer user who is the authorized buyer.

Under the registration, vendors are divided into two categories. Category 1 vendors are those who are open to participating in contracts valued up to Rs.50,00,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency). Whereas Category 2 vendors are suitable to take part in contracts valued at Rs.50,00,000 and above. Based upon the category of registration, the firms will be able to appear in the tenders floated by the government.

The government provides certain registration fees to Category 1 vendors and these vendors are given the opportunity to participate in bidding for any government tenders valued up to Rs.50,00,000 or equivalent in foreign currency.

Further, to become a GEM Registered Vendor, vendors must provide all the necessary information as required on the website, provide supporting documents, upload digital signature and submit the registration form within the stipulated time to complete the process.

Overall, GEM provides an efficient and cost-effective system for the procurement of goods and services from vendors by the government and public sector undertakings. It ensures that bidding, purchasing and record-keeping are transparent and orderly. Thus, the Government e-Marketplace is a great initiative to further support the cause of “Digital India”.

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