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Before you buy a car, you can usually detect whether it has a bad odor. However, scents occasionally sneak up on you when you’re driving. You’ll need an odor-free cabin to get your vehicle ready for a road trip, maintain its resale value, and a host of other objectives. Here are five reliable methods that need little time or effort to maintain your automobile smelling good.

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Charcoal : 

This age-old remedy at home is nature’s poison absorber. It is therefore not surprising that the same substance used in water filters may also filter your air. To do this, just store an open bag of charcoal briquettes in your car overnight. Activated charcoal can absorb just about anything in the air due to its enormous porosity. The best part is that there is no consumption of the charcoal.


This strong solvent with a fresh scent works wonders against overbearing odors. You can store it in your car overnight in a small cup or bowl. Even the strongest scents will be significantly reduced by the evaporation process. Another option is to use a wet towel and a vinegar-and-water solution to spritz and scrub a foul-smelling area. Just be careful not to spill undiluted vinegar inside your car—it has enough strength to ruin things like leather and carpet.

Air Fresheners:

After deodorizing the air in your car, adding air fresheners, scents, and other items that give it a particular scent is the last step to enjoying the clean air. Never mask unpleasant scents with pleasant ones. Once you’re certain the offensive odor has vanished, but not before, you can use one of these. It’s much preferable to inhaling an odd concoction of lemon zest and stale cigarette smoke.

Car Perfume:

Invest in a quality auto fragrance. With them, you can never go wrong. However, some of these do have a tendency to leak a little in the summer, so be careful. A less expensive alternative is to use your preferred deodorant and spray it inside the car’s interior rather than directly onto a seat or dashboard. Allow the aroma to fill the room, shut all the windows, and wait for it to fade. You can even keep fragrant, moist tissues under the seat. Make a few holes in the box so that the essence can slowly seep out into the interior of the car. Your car’s interior can be readily cleaned of odor, bacteria, dust, and mold by investing in a car air purifier.

Baking Soda:

Uncommon knowledge holds that baking soda can be used to eliminate automobile odors. Sprinkle some baking soda on the dashboard, the floor mats, and even the seat of the automobile. Allow the baking soda to work its magic in the cabin by letting it sit for a few hours. Use a vacuum after a few hours to thoroughly clean the inside of the vehicle.


In the winter, we don’t often turn on the air conditioning, although it’s best to do so occasionally. By doing this, the interior of the car is kept dry. Furthermore, fungi and other bacterial species might live in the air conditioner’s filter if it isn’t used.

Carpet Cleaner:

In a car, the carpet will eventually become contaminated with almost any spill or mess. Use a carpet cleaner like those you’d buy at auto parts or a department shop when you identify a problem area in order to try and tackle it at the source with a specialist solution. There are different varieties, so make sure you use the one that best masks your odor and that you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some cleaning agents need to be diluted before use since they might be just as strong as vinegar.


Most scents have a tendency to become caught in the inside fabric. Vacuuming frequently gets rid of unpleasant scents. Utilize the vacuum’s dedicated upholstery attachment. Because scents can hide in the smallest spaces, you should check every crevice. Many people feel that steam cleaning works well if they don’t think vacuuming is sufficient.


If you are absolutely unable to eliminate the odor, consider having your automobile cleaned by a technician. Although this alternative is more expensive, the odors will be totally removed. Some odors, like being assaulted by a skunk, might never leave your body.

Getting rid of unpleasant smells in cars can be a challenging task. However, with the right steps, you can get rid of those bad odors and enjoy a fresh, clean car. Here are some tips on how to get rid of bad car smells.

The first step is to locate the source of the smell. If you notice an unusual odor coming from your upholstery, you may want to check the fabric’s integrity as it may be due to a spill or stain. It could also be due to water damage. If the car has been in a humid climate or close to saltwater, mold could be forming and causing a musty smell. In these cases, you may need to treat the source of the odor with a vinegar and water solution.

If you notice a bad smell coming from your carpet, it’s likely due to food and drink spills, pet fur, or mud. Vacuum your car carefully, paying attention to any problem areas. Then, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the carpets and set a few bowls of white vinegar around the car. Let it sit for several hours, then vacuum the baking soda and dispose of the vinegar.

If you can’t seem to get the smell out of your vents, you can try using a car air freshener. There are numerous air fresheners on the market, such as sprays and gels, that are designed to mask unpleasant odors. For a more natural and affordable alternative, you can also try filling a cotton ball or sachet with baking soda and leaving it in the car.

Finally, you may want to consider having your car professionally detailed in order to remove any deep-seated odors. Professional detailers can use steam cleaning to get rid of any bacteria and bacteria-causing odors, as well as to remove any stubborn stains.

By following these tips, you should be able to get rid of bad car smells in your vehicle, leaving it smelling like new.

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