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When you’re staring down a very full inbox, how do you prioritize which emails to open? One of the most common ways: You scan who the emails are from. In fact, some studies have found the “from” field is more important than an email subject line when we’re deciding what emails to open. Gmail Sender Icons gives you an even faster visual shortcut for your inbox triage process. This extension grabs the domain name from a sender’s email address, then puts that domain name and its favicon next to the email’s subject line.

Gmail Sender Icons is a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy for you to quickly and visually identify email senders in Gmail. It shows the company domain name of the email sender and the official logo (favicon) of the sender’s organization alongside the email message.

For instance, if you receive an email from [email protected], the Gmail extension will add a virtual label to your email message and also a logo of the Google website next to the message so you can immediately identify the sender in the email list.

Gmail Sender Icons has been featured on Product Hunt, LifeHacker, The Next Web and host of popular websites.

The favicons and the sender’s domain are visible across Gmail including search results. The sender’s label is applied virtually and the actual labels of the email message are left unchanged.

Now you can do a quicker visual skim through your inbox to spot the emails you most want to read.

Install Gmail Sender Icons. Free, but with some in-app ads for other products.

Promotion Video of Gmail Sender Icons  :

Creator of the app: Google Developer Expert Amit Agarwal

Creator’s website :

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All products are designed and developed by Google Developer Expert, Amit Agarwal

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