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With a little planning and determination, you can pass this certification. We will walk you through the finest techniques and approaches used by candidates who passed this certification with flying colours in this post.

Certified Information Security Manager is referred to as CISM. The widely respected Organization ISACA awards and maintains this certificate. This qualification states that it will get you a median annual salary of $118,000. Also, there are over 46 000 CISM-certified experts in the world. According to ISO/IEC 17024:2012, this certification is recognised.

Is CISM Certification right fit for you?

Let’s say you are a professional who wishes to go from being a team member to a manager due to your technical expertise and experience in information security or IT security. You must get this qualification if you want others to appreciate and trust your judgements. According to ISACA, all of its qualified CISM have witnessed a significant increase in their compensation of around 42% when doing managerial jobs with just this qualification. Also, they discovered that 70% more of their work was being performed effectively

Why do companies prefer CISM?

 Some companies encourage their workers to advance their careers and have discovered that when they are assisted in obtaining a CISM certification, 94% of workers remain with the company. Moreover, they have seen that individuals with CISM certification increase the effectiveness of their assigned teams by 90%. In addition to improving client retention, confirming team commitments, and accomplishing more comprehensive goals and objectives.

The domain

The ISACA will request the information listed below as you apply for the CISM certification:

You must succeed on the CISM test.

You must demonstrate and register the 8–10 years of work experience in information security that is the minimum requirement.

It has four domains, which are as follows:

  • Information Security Management
  • Information risk management & compliance
  • Information Security program development and management
  • Information security incident management

Having said that, as a candidate, you must choose if you want to expand your knowledge of governance, risk, and compliance. You must make an informed decision while considering your goals and the abilities needed to realise them.

How to pass the CISM certification exam?

For the sake of certification, perfection is not required. Although a 700 is still a fantastic result, you shouldn’t shoot for an 800. Empty oneself of any goal scores and create an assumed goal as your preparation causes chaos.

You should thoroughly comprehend the objectives of each of the certification’s mentioned domains. Examine the domains and consider how they could apply to your goal. By establishing these two standards, you may win half the war.

You would not have anticipated that this undiscovered water would be this deep. Thus, always practise with simulated tests. Look for your areas of progress in particular, and delve further to determine your velocity. Analyzing each of your responses from the practise exams thoroughly can develop your confidence by sprintzeal

Also, the timing of the test is quite important to your success percentage. An candidate has to study for the exam for at least 130 hours on average. Any IT expert with a reasonable level of experience may complete this in 40 hours. A Risk Management expert has to complete 70 hours of training at the same time. You can influence the date of your exam based on your present situation. When ordering a CISM official Review book from ISACA, you should allow yourself a total of six months for preparation. It would cost you around $135 to have it delivered by UPS, including freight costs. The book is divided into two sections for each of its four chapters. The first section covers the overview of the domain. At the same time, the second section gives you detailed contents of the domain.

Job opportunities

You can get employment in entry-level positions like system analyst and security designer with a CISM certification. You can work as an information risk consultant, product manager, or project manager in mid-level positions. You can operate as a chief information officer and chief architect in expert level positions.

CISM certification cost.

Get a membership of $170

Grab your study material for $120

The online CISM review course by ISACA $795        

Grab the review database for $299

Register for the examination with $575

Total cost $1959

As a result, the CISM certification fee is $1959. Also, after receiving the certification, you must pay a $135 yearly maintenance cost. With your participation in ISACA training activities, the CPEs are computed further. These training sessions will cost you between $700 and 850 and offer 21-32 CPE credits. 


Overall, obtaining a CISM certification can be a valuable investment in one’s career in information security management, but it is essential to consider the time, effort, and financial commitment required to obtain and maintain the certification.

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam is an increasingly popular certification used by aspiring IT security managers. The exam tests the knowledge, skills, and professional experience of an individual in order to ensure they are capable of managing an organization’s security risks. For anyone considering taking the exam, it pays to get a hint at how hard it is.

The CISM exam is a difficult one that tests the most experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals. It is a four-hour, 200-question multiple-choice exam. Most experienced IT professionals will tell you that the exam is tough and requires intense training and preparation. A study group is advised.

The CISM exam covers four key domains of information security management: design, implementation, assessments, and management. Each domain is divided into three areas: knowledge requirements, job practice, and experience. The exam tests your ability to think logically and apply knowledge to the given scenarios.

A lot of people struggle with the CISM exam due to its difficult nature. There are numerous forums and discussion sites dedicated to helping students who are taking the exam. Here, many students share advice on how to best prepare, what to expect from the exam, and tips for succeeding.

The CISM exam is a serious undertaking and requires dedication and preparation. It is not to be taken lightly. It requires a deep understanding of all the concepts, testing both theoretical and practical knowledge. A person needs to be proficient in both security management and IT security fundamentals in order to pass.

No exam is easy, and the CISM certification is no exception. However, it is possible to achieve a proficient score if you put in the necessary effort and dedication. Taking the exam is a step towards becoming a certified, experienced, and proficient IT security manager.

In short, the CISM exam is difficult, and it takes effort and dedication to pass. However, it is an invaluable certification, and anyone looking to advance their career in IT security should strongly consider taking the exam.

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