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How to Draw Saturn. There are eight planets in our solar design (nine if you count Pluto), and each is very different from the previous one.

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Saturn is one of the most unique of all, as not only is it the second largest, but a massive ring surrounds it.

This has created a lot of intrigue on this planet, and the visual distinction means many enjoy learning to draw Saturn.

By the end of this guide, you will know how to do it yourself!

How to Draw Saturn

Step 1

In this first step of our tutorial on how to draw Saturn, we’ll start with a simple one. However, as you can see in the reference image, it will not be a perfect circle.

A small gap is left on each side of the circle into which the ring will later fit.

Drawing circles freehand can be challenging, so you can use a drawing tool like a compass to make it easier.

This simple tool makes drawing a circle with a pen or pencil easy. Remember to leave those gaps using a compass; then, you’re good to go!

Step 2

For this step of your drawing of Saturn, we will add some details to the planet. In real life, Saturn consists primarily of swirling masses of gas surrounding what is believed to be a solid core, so we’ll try to recreate this gaseous appearance of the planet.

As shown in the reference image, you can draw curved lines across the planet’s surface.

We’re only doing the top of the planet for now, but we’ll add more details later. If you’re happy with how it looks, you can move on to step 3.

Step 3

In this third step of our tutorial on how to draw Saturn, we will continue to add texture to the planet’s surface.

To do this, you must repeat what you did in the previous step and draw a few more curved lines across the planet’s surface.

These lines go below the ones you drew, taking care of the planet’s top half.

Next, we will finish the rest of the planet’s surface and draw the ring in the next few steps, so let’s move on!

Step 4

Before we add the famous planetary ring, we need to add a few detail lines to this part of your Saturn drawing.

Now that you’ve got the hang of it, for this step, you need to draw a little more of the curved lines you’ve added so far.

These take care of the detail for the bottom half of the planet, and the lines should cover the surface up to the gap where the ring will go.

So it’s all about the final details before you start coloring your drawing of Saturn.

Step 5

It’s time to add the enormous ring surrounding the planet in this step of our how-to-draw Saturn guide!

We will use long curved lines around the planet to form the ring. These lines also fill in the gaps you left when you drew the first circle of the planet.

This rounds out the details in this guide, but feel free to add some of your details before proceeding!

These details could be more minor, like some stars in the background, but you could also draw the other planets with Saturn in the picture.

You can add other creative elements like flying comets or a cool alien spaceship whizzing by!

These are just a few ideas, but this is a step where you can get creative.

Step 6

In this final part of your Saturn drawing, you can complete it by adding some fantastic colors to the image. In our reference image, we kept the colors a bit softer and darker, and you can use that as a guide if you want a similar color scheme for your image.

However, this is your design; you can use as many colors as you like! You can make the colors light, bold, or even darker.

Then you can experiment with your favorite artistic mediums! Whether you’re using media to make colors bright and bold or for a more subtle and muted look, we know this image will look amazing.

Your Saturn Drawing is Finished!

Saturn is one of the most majestic and awe-inspiring planets in our solar system due to its countless rings, and drawing it can be a unique and creative exercise. If you want to draw the planet of Saturn but don’t know where to start, fear not – it’s easy to draw the beautiful gas giant. Here are a few tips on how to draw Saturn with ease.

First, start by lightly sketching the planet’s most recognisable features. This includes its iconic rings, which form an oval shape and are connected by a thin circular arc. Saturn’s slightly north-south oval should be extended to form a slight curve. Next, add some details to your sketch, such as the planet’s atmosphere, which is made up of several cloud bands. Draw several curved lines along the outer edges of the oval to represent the planet’s rugged terrain.

Once the sketch is complete, you will need to add colour to your image. Use a light blue or yellow to colour in the planet itself. For the rings, pick a bright shade of orange or yellow – this will help to bring out their distinctive shape. If you want the rings to look more complete, you can also add several white lines along the curved arc.

One thing to remember when drawing Saturn is to include some of its distinctive features, such as its numerous moons. You can draw these by lightly sketching small circles of various sizes around the planet. Additionally, you can draw small lines extending from the moon’s craters to enhance their appearance.

Creating a representation of Saturn is possible with a little patience, creativity, and a few simple steps. With a light sketch and some careful colouring, you can easily bring this gas giant to life.

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