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You can visit the Login page at Re.Rockspace.local while configuring the Rockspace extension. After installation, however, the Default web address will not work. How can you access the login page to update the Rockspace extender firmware or make any other changes when re.Rockspace.local not working.

Tips For Logging Into Rockspace WiFi Extender

  • Be sure to turn off your mobile internet network before connecting.
  • Then, attach the WiFi extender to the electrical socket.
  • After that, wait until the indicator is fully on.
  • Connect your mobile or any other device to the WiFi network.
  • Select the Rockspace WiFi extender to connect.
  • To set the WiFi extender’s password after a successful connection, open a new tab and enter re.Rockspace.local.
  • Then input the current WiFi network after finding the network you want to expand.

Afterward, a successful connection is done. You may now relocate it to a place where your network will extend.

Login To The Default Rockspace WiFi Extender

You must be aware of the login information for your Rockspace booster device. Before setting up the extender device you can quickly access settings and control.

Additionally, you’ll receive a user manual and Rockspace Sticker with the default login address, username, and password.

  • The IP is, and the default login URL is re.rockspace.local.
  • The first time you log into Rockspace, you must create a new password.

Go on to the various stages when you prepare to install a range extender device:

  1. The login screen will load once you open your WEB BROWSER, navigate to, or re.Rockspace.local, and wait.
  2. Now, when you first configure the range extender, you must create a new login password. Therefore, before clicking the following button, enter a secure login password.

What Are The Steps For Configuring A WiFi Router & Modem?

More and more individuals are now using Rockspace WiFi routers because of their complete coverage, dependability, and great performance. Please follow the steps listed below to configure a Rockspace WiFi router and connect devices using the WiFi password.

In order to streamline the process, you now need to install a few things and finish the setup. Before starting the router configuration, give yourself five minutes to gather this information.

Conditions For Installing The Rockspace Router

There is no built-in internet connection in the router. Therefore, in order to connect to a Rockspace router and use wireless internet. You should have a modem from your internet service provider.

Please take the Rockspace router out of the packing and save any configuration cards that are inside.

  • You might be able to view the router’s default IP address, which is frequently, on the bottom label.
  • A computer or smartphone that can be used to connect to the router console.
  • A comprehensive web browser, such as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Browser, and a power supply close to the modem into which you may connect the WiFi router. 

Additional Ethernet Wire (Extra, But Helpful For Testing) Configuration Of The Rockspace Router

Here are some ways to install your Rockspace WiFi gadget:

  1. Link the modem’s network port to the router’s WAN port using the included internet cable (often the yellow port).
  2. Before turning on the router, make sure the modem is turned on and has a working connection to the internet service provider.
  3. Open your browser on your PC, type into the address bar at the top, and press Enter.
  4. You could access the Rockspace router’s local web interface by navigating to; if you do, enter the default username and password when requested.
  5. The username and password are admin and admin; if your WiFi configuration card has any other information, please enter it.
  6. When you enter the Rockspace router interface, the modem will recognize the router, and the setup process will then start.
  7. Please follow the on-screen instructions. Select your language, location, and whether or not you agree to the terms of use.
  8. Choose your preferred network name (SSID) and a secure WiFi password (encryption key), then choose WPA2-PSK to confirm.

Additionally, you have the option to leave the guest network access but to password-protect it with a unique visitor password. When you are done customizing everything, save it, and before you exit the website, update the router’s firmware.

To access the network name and restart the router, use the recently created password. If your WiFi continues dropping or your home has a weak signal, this needs to fix.

After you connect everything, use the same password to link computers, phones, and printers to WiFi. If the setup fails or your re.Rockspace.local not working, reset the Rockspace WiFi router and begin the configuration procedure. 

Note: If you don’t have enough knowledge about how to reset the Rockspace WiFi router, you may go to the following steps:

Resetting The Rockspace WiFi Router

Your Rockspace WiFi router can reset using any of two techniques.

  • Reset gently.
  • Hard reset

Tip: Continue reading and do not skip any step:

Soft Reset For Rockspace Router

It’s the easiest technique for resetting the WiFi router. Use these steps when using this approach.

Locate the reset button on the router, which is normally on the device’s back. Now insert a paper clip into the reset button’s hole. Avoid pressing the button too strongly as this could damage your device. It is advised to hold down the reset button for eight to 10 seconds. Your router will restart itself. To ensure correct operation, connect your smartphone after 30 seconds.

Hard Reset The Rockspace Router

You must perform a factory reset before you may hard reset your Rockspace WiFi device. For a hard reset of the router, follow these procedures.

  • Start by unplugging the router’s power cord from the back.
  • To remove the battery cover, try to push it up with a flat-bladed screwdriver.
  • Now remove the battery and store it somewhere secure.
  • After that, place a battery in a holder and make sure it is there.
  • As a result, plug the router into an electrical outlet and wait for it to switch on before using it.

Note: You will have to set up the Rockspace WiFi router again after the reset.

Key Takeaway

With the help of this page, we hope you can feel relaxed. On this page, you will be able to know how to access into rockspace extender login page. As well as you will also learn the setup and reset process of the rockspace router. I am so grateful that you read my page.

We all know that in the present day, the use of the internet is widespread and essential. With the increase of devices that are connected to the internet, routers have become more and more important. Without a good router, we would not be able to properly enjoy the internet.

The Rockspace extender is a router and range extender which is highly preferred for its fast and steady internet. This device helps you to enjoy the internet throughout your house and even on your terrace whether it is far from your router. But for the proper use of it, you need to access its login page first.Let us discuss how one can access the login page of Rockspace extender.

Firstly, the device must be physically connected to the router and power supply. After the device is plugged, press the WPS button that is present on the bottom of the device. This will help you to access and setup the Rockspace extender.

Once, the WPS button is pressed and all the lights turn green, now you can access the login webpage of the device. For this, open any browser, type in default IP address rockspace.local or into the URL search bar. This will open up the login page of the Rockspace extender.

After this, a login page will open, enter the username and password here. Default, both of these are admin. If you have changed user id or password earlier, type in the combination you’ve entered and then start your setup.

Once the whole installation is done and the setup is complete, the user can see that their signals of the Rockspace extender start flashing green. The device will be ready to use and you can now enjoy your internet experience without any hindrance.

Therefore, accessing Rockspace extender login page is not a difficult task. With a few very simple steps, you can easily access it and start using the device. Rockspace extender is a reliable device for providing you with fast and steady internet, and networks.

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