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MA in English Offers Wide Knowledge of English Literature

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Master in English literature is a two year course. It is a post graduate course which is for students who have completed their bachelor’s degree. It prepares students with reasoned and critical thinking skills to yield original insights in scholarly academic writing and discourse. This programme adopts fundamental literary concepts like different affinities and trends across ages, different genres and cultures in English literature literary theory. Moreover it approaches composition and rhetoric.

The subject matter in this course includes interesting topics like Contemporary Poetry Contemporary Drama & Fiction Indian Poetry and Drama Indian English Fiction American Poetry and Drama Literary Theories.  Research and report writing are one of the main issues of the programme that helps students improve their understanding and additional knowledge to improve their learning. Students who wish to become teachers and professors can give UGC net after completing their masters and be eligible for teaching. ma in english colleges often includes in-depth analysis of the origins and etymology of the language as well as its global impact.

Objectives of MA in English course

  • To offer all-inclusive understanding and information of tenets of English Literary Studies and in order  to enable progressive careers in teaching,  translation, publishing, research, print/electronic media and pursuit of higher studies.
  • Also a positive approach enables students to produce a compelling explanatory, rhetorical and communication ability to fulfil professional responsibilities.
  • Students experience contemporary social, cultural and literary issues to enable ethical and responsible behaviour towards co-workers, society and nation.

What students learn in MA in English course?

  • Choose suitable key texts, supplementary texts, a research queries, techniques and resources to undertake research activities and write research papers and thesis.
  • Utilise knowledge of literary trends across literary periods, genres and theoretical/critical approaches in interpretation of literary text.
  • Examine and evaluate text with respect to depiction of socio-historical context and literary speeches and classify breaks to be addressed through research.
  • To create presentations students give, receive and implement clear instructions, reports and documentation for professional purposes.
  • Students also work on creating various projects on contemporary literature and humanities topics.
  • Display a full and complete attitude; cater to critical thinking and academic growth in independent study and life-long learning.
  • Apply rational statements, to formulate creative and practical answers for social, cultural and literary issues regarding community and society at large

MA in English makes students proficient in –

Students become skilful in important literary concepts, tendencies, and trends across periods, genre and cultures in English literature, literary theory and methods.

Students develop the ability to identify and discover the evolving areas of research and conduct the same with proper methodology and documentation.

Check MA English Eligibility to Get Enrolled in the Course

Although general eligibility for doing ma in English is just completing your BA English with just 50% marks but many colleges have selected seats and students are advised to have to have good grades in their bachelors to easily have ma English eligibility. Moreover many students have plans to do their masters from foreign universities. Good scores help students to get admission into reputed colleges.

Final words

Students who wish to pursue ma in English should have keen interest in English literature and basic knowledge on creative writing, teaching and contemporary arts. Further students should have a command on their language skills and communication skills. Many students who take up ma English honours wish to become teachers which can be done by giving UGC NET exam. If you also wish to pursue a master’s degree, you must check ma in english colleges in india.

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