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Getting that first job interview can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many people applying for the same job opening. Being that the first step in the whole process is to send your resume to the company in question, you may ask yourself what factors can influence who gets chosen from all those stacks of papers. The correct answer would be the papers which make the most positive impact to the employers, and it is well known that applications sent with resume cover letters give a bit of a push in that direction.

The following sample resume cover letter has the purpose of giving you a feel for how your cover letter should end up when finished. Remember, every cover letter has to be molded for a specific purpose, and for the resume that purpose is to catch the reader’s attention. Read this sample resume as if you were a ranking manager in a computer hardware store looking through a stack of resumes from job applicants looking to work as a computer technician in your company:



212 Crystal Ave

Salinas, CA, 93900

Home Phone Number: (831) ZZZ ZZZZ

Mobile Phone Number: (831) ZZZ ZZZ ZZZZ


January 17th, 2013


Dear Mr. John Fisher,

I was informed of a job position opening for a computer technician in your company, Johns Computer Systems Co., which I believe I would fit into perfectly.

I have worked with computers for my entire life, both in my personal and professional life. I was the chief technical manager for SAND COMPUTERS INC. and stayed in that position for a total of five years. Customer satisfaction is my number one focus as a professional, I work after hours if it is needed of me, and I am very easy to work with.

Some of my recognizable skills that would be very useful for a computer technician in your company are:

  • Experience with C / C++ / C# / Python / Java programming languages
  • Capable of building my own computer with the right parts
  • Very efficient debugging and troubleshooting skills for a broad range of software issues

I am a very dedicated worker, with a lot of passion for what I do. There is no doubt in my mind that I would exceed anyone’s expectations of me as a computer technician in your company and I would love it if we could meet and further discuss my qualifications for your job position opening. I have attached my resume so that you may take a look at my background. I hope to hear from you shortly.




Josh Miller


A cover letter is your way of introducing yourself in your own words to your potential employer. Companies very much appreciate your effort to make a good impression, but don’t get carried away. Too much information is not what they are looking for. A one paged cover letter is more than enough to introduce yourself and it is much easier on the eye. The key points to consider while writing your cover letter are to stay professional, fresh, literate, and focus on only writing relevant information to the job being applied for.

Download This Resume Cover Letter Template In Word Format