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Are you trying to set up the Wavlink ac1200 router manual but are unable to do that? We are on it so be patient and follow the exclusive tips of wavlink routers. 

Areas Require To See For Setup  

  • Name of the wireless network(SSID).
  • The password of the Wireless network (Security key/ passphrase/ key). 
  • Also, it’s(SSID) and for the password please connect the Wavlink router with the LAN string in the setup runner, If you don’t know the name of the Wireless Network. Then you can try these tips:

Connection Between Router and Network  

When you try to connect your Wavlink router to the extender, you have to produce a new extended network. The name of the previous network should be different from the extended network, utmost presumably you need to connect to a new network in place of the old one.  

The expanded network name may be, an ext suffix rather than anything else. As a result, check whether you’re connected to a WiFi network. you must be having irregular connectivity.  

Check The Installation  

Indecorous installation must be dropping the internet dropping as this reason could be enough to let the Wavlink AC1200 Setup issues.  

Although the cupboards and under tables aren’t the correct places to place the bias, you need to check before the setup.  

Some ways to install the router stably.

  • To begin with, choose a location that is near the router. 
  • On the second note, the edges are not the ideal places to locate your extenders. 
  • In addition, Interruptions caused by the metal doors, concrete walls, fish tanks, and ceiling fans, should also be kept at a distance.
  • Hence they all are harmful to the compatibility of Wavlink devices.

Solutions: The position of the wireless router tends to affect the coverage area of your signal and sometimes your strength too. A router or a modem has to be in close proximity.

Update wavlink Router’s Firmware 

There could be numerous effects that may be affecting extenders like the firmware might not be streamlined, 

By following the procedures below you can modernize your extender 

  • To begin, the process turns your computer or laptop switch on at this point.  
  • After that on the web, go to the Ap setup wavlink runner to modernize the internet browser.
  • Later, enter the http://ap.setup/ in the address bar. also class this dereliction IP address After that, just see if you’re suitable to connect to your extender. 
  • In case you are not able to do that via wifi or either the ethernet cable, in that scenario, you can easily update your firmware. 

How To Setup A Wavlink Router Via WPS?

Let’s get introduced to another way to configure or install your Wavlink extender that is wireless protected setup or we can say that WPS setup. With the help of a wireless-protected setup, you will be able to configure your extender within 2-3 minutes only. In this process, there is no need to mention any username, password, or SSID. You will have to press a small button and nothing else.

To set up a Wavlink extender via WPS go through these simple steps given below:

  • In the beginning, power up your Wavlink extender.
  • Then place the router near the extender.
  • After that, press the WPS button on the extender.
  • In addition to Setup, the devices press the WPS button on the home router as well.
  • If the WPS light on the router is stable green.
  • It indicates that the connection between the router and the extender is good.
  • Plug out your Router and place it at a new location.
  • Now connect your other wifi enabled devices to the extended network. 

NOTE: We have given a lot of tips above to set up the router through AP Setup Wavlink and other methods, but if you think we are still not able to justify then you can just reset the router and see if it helps.

Reset The Router 

To reset the router follow the below steps:

  • To begin with, disconnect your devices from the router. 
  • Search for the reset button as it is so small in size you will face difficulty in searching it.
  • When you find it, take a needle and press hard.
  • Wait for 7-10 seconds as it takes a gap to reset.
  • Now see if the green or blue light is back then it means there is a good connection.
  • If not, then you need to reconfigure it.


We hope this article is informative and the information given is right and contains all the necessary details. If you think that you are not able to do the Wavlink AC1200 setup then, make sure the above steps are enough to do that.

The age of technology has quickly accelerated and with this has come modern innovations like the Wavlink AC1200 router. A router is an essential part of any connected home and provides the building blocks for a strong and uninterrupted internet connection. The Wavlink AC1200 router is no exception. It is a powerful and reliable router that can help you maximize your home’s internet connection while achieving great speeds. Here are some simple tricks to help you setup your new Wavlink AC1200 router quickly and hassle-free.

First and foremost, you must correctly install the Wavlink AC1200 router. Doing this correctly is essential as your router’s performance will be affected if you don’t get it installed properly. To do this, start by connecting the router to your modem using an Ethernet cable. Then, plug the Wavlink AC1200 router into a power outlet and turn it on. Before connecting to the router, make sure to check your ISP’s website to see if you need to register the router’s MAC address online.

Once you have the hardware set up, the next step is to configure your Wavlink AC1200 router. Open your web browser and type “” into the address bar. Here you will find the administration panel for your router. Log in with the default username and password (if you haven’t already changed them). Once you’ve logged into the router, you can make changes to your network settings like your SSID, passwords, and bandwidth limits.

After the configuration is complete, you will need to connect your devices to the router. Connect the devices using either a wired or wireless connection depending on your preference. Set up each device you are connecting individually so you can avoid conflicts or overlapping functions.

Finally, a few useful tricks for you to keep in mind is to keep your router’s firmware up-to-date, relocate your router to an open area to receive maximum coverage, and use a VPN to increase your privacy.

If you follow the steps above, you should have no trouble setting up your new Wavlink AC1200 router. Not only will it help you get the best internet speeds but it can also help you protect your data and maximize security. Setting up your router properly is essential, so be sure to take your time and double-check all of your settings.

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