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In this post we present a business plan for a stationery store. We will deal with a bookstore and stationery project and another stationery and cyber project. So take out the pen and paper so that you can take note of how it is done and set up your own business at the same time.

Introduction of a stationery

In this introductory example of a stationery  “Fast Scissors” is a Brochures and Stationaries Fairfax, VA that provides solutions in terms of school materials and copying services, on request or without it, the latter mainly for teachers.

The idea of ​​this business arises from the need in the area for school products thanks to the proximity of educational institutions, where the main clients: parents, students and teachers, seek to quickly acquire an accessory for the class.

Therefore, the specialties and extracurricular activities of the neighboring schools have also been studied, for example: the high schools that have a technical drawing area (geometric material), literary workshops (copy service), information technology (basic computer equipment), etc. .

Products and services to offer

The store will be very vast in terms of inventory of school products, accessories, basic computer equipment, equipment rental, photocopying orders from teachers for homework and exercises, etc.

The market

According to market studies, which will be discussed later, it has been determined that the main buyers are mothers and students, who have developed this urgent need for a school supply.

It is worth mentioning that the purchasing power of the potential client is enough to buy several of the products that will be in inventory.

There are different projects you can start, each with different products and services. This is called a concept. Some concepts and projects with stationery are:

  • Project of a bookstore and stationery
  • Stationery project and cyber cafe
  • Stationery project with coffee shop
  • Stationery project with offices

Project of a bookstore and stationery

This type of business plan for a bookstore and stationery works perfectly in front of university faculties such as: medicine, law, letters or accounting. These degrees consume a large number of books and stationery. But you must include the books that students and teachers need and have promotions for them to consume there.

Stationery project and cyber cafe

To prepare this stationery and cyber cafe business plan, you need a budget for computers, have different computer programs, and more space to accommodate netizens. Additionally, you can have video games, if the market demands it.

Description of a stationery

What is Quick Scissors?

Quick Scissors is a stationery business that was formed a few years ago, so now it has an opportunity to expand in a more school area thanks to the circumstances offered by the market.

This business idea further complements the common concept of a stationery store thanks to the sale of other products such as basic technological devices, rental of computer equipment, copying, printing and scanning services, special promotions for teachers, agreements with schools to reproduce certain school exercises, etc.


Provide parents, students and teachers with school supplies and accessories for the day in the classroom.

[Learn how to make the mission of your company to have better defined the objectives of your industry]


To be the maximum provider of supplies and accessories and services for school help, with expansion to other states in potentially profitable areas for stationery, for example, near schools, offices, special educational centers, etc.

Why choose Quick Scissors ?

Because we are interested in providing a product or service as soon as possible since we recognize the rush that parents, students and teachers can have before entering classes.

We are also aware of the lack of time our clients have, which is why we try to ensure that, in terms of services, they are applied with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. Market analysis

The products are indispensable in the stationery business plan. What Quick Scissors offers is divided into three fundamental parts: products, services and mixed.


Urgency is a key point to take advantage of this consumer demand.

Market studies showed that 78% of customers arrive for an emergency to get their accessories and school supplies due to the time they start at school.

The advantage of Quick Scissors is to offer quickly, and with an always available inventory, the products with the greatest demand and at an affordable price.

In addition, the market study reached the classrooms, to know the main subjects, specialties and extracurricular activities that represent a specific need for certain school supplies.

According to the market study, the school areas to which greater attention must be paid are:

  • Technical drawing: geometric games, concrete pencils, bond paper for plans, etc.
  • Children’s plastic arts: paintings, canvas frames, pastel colors, etc.
  • Music workshop: instrument covers, ruled notebooks, songbooks, etc.
  • Cutting and sewing: basic fabrics, sewing needles, etc.
  • [You can continue citing the activities that your study has produced]

Now, in general terms, the following school supplies will mainly be offered:

  • Pencils (in different numbers)
  • Erasers (for graphite and blackboards)
  • Markers (various colors)
  • Feathers (various colors)
  • Geometric set (per piece or as a whole)
  • notebooks
  • School books (if they can be marketed)
  • Back to School Supply Pack
  • [Continue adding the main products you want to put in your stock ]


Within the business plan of a stationery, services must also be included. In these businesses, urgency can also drive the profitability of this business idea, although not as much as the products.

Well, the services are rather complementary, a solution to school institutions, both for students and teachers. For this reason, a neutral area has been chosen between the three school institutions: Juan Ruíz Preparatory School…; Primary School Mexico of tomorrow, and; Autonomous State University.

These services will benefit in efficiency to the delivery of activities and tasks through the dealings with the nearby schools and their teachers.

Thanks to specific indications, teachers can commission a task or exercise of their subject for students. On the other hand, the design and structuring of any work that is entrusted to us is also offered, this is under a commission.

Starting a stationery store can be a profitable venture, provided you take the right steps. By having a business plan in place, you can ensure proper organization, financing and the development of your business. Here are some tips to get you started.

First, decide on the type of stationery store you would like to own. Will it be a manual, electronic, or a combination of both? Research the local and regional marketplace to determine the demand for stationery products and services. Be sure to consider all legal requirements of your business.

Second, develop and create a comprehensive business plan. Include information about the products and services you will offer, pricing strategies, advertising, store layout and store location. You should also identify target markets, research competition and identify potential suppliers. Include any other details related to your store including financial, operational and personnel management plans.

Third, develop and present your plan to potential investors. It is important to generate interest and support for your business if you intend to seek financing. Make sure you include detailed revenue forecasts along with a return on investment. Also, provide planned pricing strategies and budgeting information with your business plan.

Fourth, secure financing and plan your store opening. Use the business plan to commence negotiations with investors and lenders. This may help attract investments by showing potential partners and lenders that you have done your due diligence and taken the necessary steps to prepare the business.

Finally, open your store and operate it successfully. It’s important to keep track of store performance and implement strategic changes as needed. Ensure that you are properly operating the business and remaining compliant with government regulations. You also want to ensure that you are achieving your goals in terms of sales, customer satisfaction and profitability.

By following these tips and having a business plan in place, you can increase the chances of success for your stationery store. Take the time to plan, research, and analyze the market to ensure that your business will become profitable. With the right plan in place, you’ll be on your way to an exciting and rewarding new business adventure.

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