How To Write Cover Letter & With Example

Cover letter is the first step to submit resume for a specific position

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A cover letter is essentially an acquaintance letter appended with an occupation resume. Individuals who are searching for an occupation generally send covering letter as a method for acquainting themselves with conceivable bosses. A covering letter gives a short illustration of why you are sending a provision, how you researched the position, and a short portrayal of what is appended. A Cover letter is the letter which point out your experience, and show the work state of mind you need the viewer to know.

Importance of a Cover Letter

The importance of the covering letter is that the employment seekers are eager to treat the covering letter as a bit of hindsight. They’ve put so much time and thought into their continuity that they may see the letter as simply an obliged however insignificant connection. About ninety one percent of executives surveyed said that this covering letter are important when assessing occupation to the competitors. Furthermore in spite of the fact that the employment requisition process has basically moved, the essentialness of a letter is still vital. Seventy-nine percent of chiefs overviewed said it is regular to accept the letter actually when candidates submit continually.

Utility of Covering Letter

  • It provides for them you an alternate stage to advertise your aptitudes and pass on your investment in the organization.
  • A well-done presentation document showcases your relational abilities.
  • Employing chiefs read presentation documents, in the event that they are propelling.
  • A presentation document provides for them you more room to customize your message to the employer/contact.
  • You can utilize it to fill as a part of any holes in your resume.
  • It can help you advertise your transferable aptitudes.

Advantage and Disadvantages of a Cover Letter

The fundamental playing point of a cover letter is telling the onlooker or boss what precisely they are in for. They permit the viewer to get an impression of the instructive and work foundation of a potential worker. A cover letter is a great approach to give an initial introduction that may help in the employment choice methodology. The primary disservice of a cover letter is the written work. Assuming that the composition in the letter is exceptional, the spectator will take a gander at the going hand in hand with records, for example, the resume or the CV.

Specimen Cover Letter for Employment

Name of Applicant

Postal Address

Telephone: 000.000.0000

Email Address



Name of the Company

Company Address



I am keeping in touch with to ask about conceivable openings at ABC Company for an interview. I am intrigued by a senior level position offering the chance for travel and propelled examination assignments.

As an expert regulatory associate with magnificent exploration abilities, I am energetic to help my capacities and experience to ABC Company. Given my impressive preparing and foundation, I accept I can help ABC Company reach its objective of giving just the most precise and opportune data to its customers.

If it’s not too much trouble treasure encased my resume and a rundown of my references. You may call 000.000.0000, to mastermind a period to meet. I anticipate got notification from you.

Download Resume Cover Letter Samples In Word Format


Name of Applicant



How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation With Sample

Download Sample Letter Of Recommendation Template In Word Format


In a market facing recession   the search for stable, well- paying jobs can be quite challenging. One may possess the necessary qualifications and the experience but stands to lose out to another, who approaches a perspective hirer with appropriate recommendations. A recommendation letter is an established form of official correspondence, intended to support a candidate’s application for a job that he or she is interested in.


While such letters may be written in an informal style and language, this   would depend upon how well the sender knows the addressee. Care must be taken to keep the matter simple and devoid of all grammatical and syntax errors. A loosely or carelessly worded letter could actually damage a candidate’s chances of landing a job.


Since such letters are written in an individual’s official capacity and addressed to a recipient holding an official position in a company, salutation must be appropriate. It is acceptable to start by a simple, “Dear Sir/ Madam”. Before signing off, it is customary to thank the addressee, adding, “Yours sincerely”.


A letter of recommendation is a form of official correspondence and must   follow all established norms of official writing. Mandatory Ingredients would include the following:

  • Name, designation and address of the person to whom  the letter addressed.
  • File reference number of the originator.
  • Name, designation and address of the sender.
  • Mention of the enclosures being.


A letter must neither be too long and nor too brief. Length would obviously vary from requirement to requirement but with practice one would realise the need to remain concise and focused on the purpose for which the letter is being written.   It   is appropriate   to break up your letter into paragraphs, each highlighting a different aspect.

Things to Watch Out for

Before recommending someone at any level, first you need to be convinced that the individual indeed is worthy of your recommendation. Making recommendation without being aware of a person’s actual capabilities puts you at tremendous risk of losing professional reputation.


A Sample Letter of Recommendation




Email: [email protected]……

Dear Mr Sudoku,

Allow me to introduce Mr Pranitosh Desai, who has been a regular employee of my company for the last ten years and has steadily risen up the ranks to hold the most coveted position that of GM Operations. You would be familiar with his reputation as he has been interacting with your research staff on many important developmental issues in the past.

Mr Desai has risen to this level only through sheer grit, determination and will power, displaying tremendous maturity in dealing with subordinates, peers and superiors alike at all levels.  The individual’s professional qualifications and reputation have been an example for others to emulate and I have no hesitation in admitting that this company would lose its main architect after he leaves to pursue higher goals as he must.

You would notice that his qualifications and work experience make him a highly suitable candidate to join your esteemed organization.


With   regards

Yours sincerely


ABC Pvt Ltd

Delta Business Park



Enclosure: Mr Desai’s CV

Download Sample Letter Of Recommendation Template In Word Format