How To Write Cover Letter & With Example

Cover letter is the first step to submit resume for a specific position

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A cover letter is essentially an acquaintance letter appended with an occupation resume. Individuals who are searching for an occupation generally send covering letter as a method for acquainting themselves with conceivable bosses. A covering letter gives a short illustration of why you are sending a provision, how you researched the position, and a short portrayal of what is appended. A Cover letter is the letter which point out your experience, and show the work state of mind you need the viewer to know.

Importance of a Cover Letter

The importance of the covering letter is that the employment seekers are eager to treat the covering letter as a bit of hindsight. They’ve put so much time and thought into their continuity that they may see the letter as simply an obliged however insignificant connection. About ninety one percent of executives surveyed said that this covering letter are important when assessing occupation to the competitors. Furthermore in spite of the fact that the employment requisition process has basically moved, the essentialness of a letter is still vital. Seventy-nine percent of chiefs overviewed said it is regular to accept the letter actually when candidates submit continually.

Utility of Covering Letter

  • It provides for them you an alternate stage to advertise your aptitudes and pass on your investment in the organization.
  • A well-done presentation document showcases your relational abilities.
  • Employing chiefs read presentation documents, in the event that they are propelling.
  • A presentation document provides for them you more room to customize your message to the employer/contact.
  • You can utilize it to fill as a part of any holes in your resume.
  • It can help you advertise your transferable aptitudes.

Advantage and Disadvantages of a Cover Letter

The fundamental playing point of a cover letter is telling the onlooker or boss what precisely they are in for. They permit the viewer to get an impression of the instructive and work foundation of a potential worker. A cover letter is a great approach to give an initial introduction that may help in the employment choice methodology. The primary disservice of a cover letter is the written work. Assuming that the composition in the letter is exceptional, the spectator will take a gander at the going hand in hand with records, for example, the resume or the CV.

Specimen Cover Letter for Employment

Name of Applicant

Postal Address

Telephone: 000.000.0000

Email Address



Name of the Company

Company Address



I am keeping in touch with to ask about conceivable openings at ABC Company for an interview. I am intrigued by a senior level position offering the chance for travel and propelled examination assignments.

As an expert regulatory associate with magnificent exploration abilities, I am energetic to help my capacities and experience to ABC Company. Given my impressive preparing and foundation, I accept I can help ABC Company reach its objective of giving just the most precise and opportune data to its customers.

If it’s not too much trouble treasure encased my resume and a rundown of my references. You may call 000.000.0000, to mastermind a period to meet. I anticipate got notification from you.

Download Resume Cover Letter Samples In Word Format


Name of Applicant



Resume Outline

A resume creates the first impression about you in your potential future company. Hence it is always essential to make your resume reflect your style. A neat and professional resume will set you aside from thousands of applications and can help you get noticed. But not sure what to include in your resume? Never written a professional resume before? Here is the basic outline to resume making for you.

How to use this resume outline

There are many sections provided in this resume outline. Pick the relevant sections and fill in your own information there. It is very advisable to follow the same pattern. The end formatting should be done in a professional font in a standard 11 or 12 sizing. The finished version of your resume will be ready.

The chronological resume outline

This is the very widely accepted form of resume writing. It highlights all your advantages, benefits and features.

Contact details

  • Your first name and last name.
  • Your address
  • Home phone and cell phone
  • Your current email address
  • Any additional info like websites/ social networking/ blog


Explain about the specific job position you are looking for. Focus on the types of roles you would like to be offered.


  • List your major skills that can be useful in applying to this job.
  • List any language skills and management skills.
  • List all relevant IT skills.


  • List all your major achievements in your educative level.
  • List al your major accomplishments in your previous jobs.
  • Make this portion at least four to five lines long.

Work experience

  • Specify the dates, mounts and years you worked in your previous companies.
  • Specify your job roles with your previous employers.
  • If you are a senior with a lot of work experience, condense everything and focus only on the last 10 years or so.
  • If you are quite new to the industry, but have changed employers several times, it is best to leave some out and produce a concise work history.
  • You may specify your previous employer’s contact information but not your salary details.


  • Specify information about the degrees you have earned.
  • It is very common to include discontinued degrees too.
  • Specify all relevant seminars and projects.
  • Specify the years of training and professional associations.
  • Include all certificate courses you have completed.

Personal interests

Some choose to omit this portion out of their resume. This is an optional part where you can talk about your hobbies and interests related to the job you are applying for. If your resume has passed over a page, then it is advisable to leave this out. Never state any information about your race, age or other personal info in your resume or CV.


You can simply fill this as references will be made available upon request.

So you now have your resume outline. This outline will help you to know the various parts of a resume and their content. Keep this handy and prepare your resume.

Resume Objective

Resume objective is one of the key sections to give a power start to your resume.  This is the first part that will grab the attention of the people who are searching a suitable candidate for their organization’s requirement.  Concise and clear objectives will always impress your employer. It should be convincing enough to lead your interviewer to read your resume further to know your skill set and area of expertise.

Purpose of Resume

Objective should tell the employer about your educational qualification, certifications, and experience in the relevant industry, your key skill sets and your knowledge in related field.

Win-Win statements

Objectives in your resume should be comprised of the data which are beneficial to you and your employer. Your objective should be a pack of your expectations that are wrapped in a way that are favorable to your employer.

Make it simple and be genuine

Use simple sentences in your objective, because lengthy sentences might dilute the information which you are trying to convey.  It is better to avoid jargons in the objective, because the person who is doing the initial screening of your resume might not be having the deep knowledge in your area of expertise to understand the meanings of the jargons.

Convey what you can offer in a humble way without any exaggerations in your skill set.  Do not include any abstract statements which might give a not-so-real feel to the interviewer.

Know your Employer’s preference

Presenting the same objective to different organizations might not work out because the differentiating factor might get missed out here. So, customize your resume objective in a way that matches with the position for which you are sending your resume. Analyze the job description provided by the employer then mold your objective accordingly. This will make a “right candidate” kind of impression in the mindset of your interviewer.  If you are shifting your career from one industry to the other then mention your interests in knowing new things in your objective.

Objective linked with Resumes

Objective should be a prelude of the items which you are going to present in your resume.  There should be a link between your objective and resume.  It is quite obvious that your expectation to be an apple but with quality of oranges will end up in disappointments.  There should not be any information that is irrelevant to the data presented in your resume. Sometimes, the interviewer will start questioning right from your objective and might try to compare it with the data that talks about your experience.

Key-points in the Resume objective

Over-furnishing your objective with all your skill sets might make your reader to get bored about your resume and might stop them there itself. Ensure that your objective is having the key skill sets which match with the organization’s requirement for the position you are applying.

These are some tips to keep in your mind while writing the resume objective. All the best for you to get a suitable job.

Chronological Resume Outline

A Chronological Resume is one of the more common resumes used by todays work force. Its main purpose is to bring focus onto the applicants’ experience and job history. Many companies prefer potential employees to submit their resumes in this format because of the logical display of detailed information present, consisting of “Personal Details”, “Job Experience”, “Education”, “Skills”, and other optional fields. This outline will give you a basis on how to go about developing your Chronological Resume. It is recommended that, after you use the following outline to develop your own work, you modify your work to better fit the specific job requirements your employer is looking for.

Objectives (Optional Field):

This field is optional and includes what goals and / or ambitions you may have, both in your professional life as well as a potential employee for the company you are applying to work for.

Experience / Employment History:

This section informs the employer what job positions you had, starting from the most recent. If you were an applicant with a lot of job history, it may be reasonable to decide to only mention the jobs that correlate to the characteristics the employer is looking for in an employee.

Details regarding each job position should be included, the most appropriate of which would be: time served, special accomplishments, major daily functions that were required of you, experience in specific areas of work, and other responsibilities. A format for this field would be as follows:

  • Job Position 1 and years served. Major daily functions. Areas of experience. Special accomplishments.
  • Job Position 2 and years served. Major daily functions. Areas of experience. Special accomplishments.


The education field incorporates the applicants’ academic achievements, honors, and rewards. Very rarely does anyone include his or her grade scores in this section or in any part of the Chronological Resume. The list of achievements should be listed in order of importance, having the most important achievement as your first piece of information. Normally this information would be listed in a “bullet” format.


This field includes any and all relevant skills and abilities you might have that the employer might appreciate. Experience with specific software, the ability to speak different languages fluently, and any other details you decide to include would be listed in this field.


The references field includes the full names and contact details of past employers, professors, or any other creditable figure that would vouch for you and give his or her point of view in relation to your work ethic, personal traits, and so forth. Friends and family should not be included in this field.

A Chronological Resume is one of the most used resume formats due to the high employer approval rate. Having chosen this format for your paper, there are some key aspects you should strive to remember. Molding your specific Chronological Resume to your potential employer’s needs is of the essence. Details that are not of interest for the job being applied for should be excluded. Also, keep the resume between one and two pages long, literate, and to the point.

Resume Cover Letter Sample

Download Resume Cover Letter Template In Word Format

Getting that first job interview can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many people applying for the same job opening. Being that the first step in the whole process is to send your resume to the company in question, you may ask yourself what factors can influence who gets chosen from all those stacks of papers. The correct answer would be the papers which make the most positive impact to the employers, and it is well known that applications sent with resume cover letters give a bit of a push in that direction.

The following sample resume cover letter has the purpose of giving you a feel for how your cover letter should end up when finished. Remember, every cover letter has to be molded for a specific purpose, and for the resume that purpose is to catch the reader’s attention. Read this sample resume as if you were a ranking manager in a computer hardware store looking through a stack of resumes from job applicants looking to work as a computer technician in your company:



212 Crystal Ave

Salinas, CA, 93900

Home Phone Number: (831) ZZZ ZZZZ

Mobile Phone Number: (831) ZZZ ZZZ ZZZZ


January 17th, 2013


Dear Mr. John Fisher,

I was informed of a job position opening for a computer technician in your company, Johns Computer Systems Co., which I believe I would fit into perfectly.

I have worked with computers for my entire life, both in my personal and professional life. I was the chief technical manager for SAND COMPUTERS INC. and stayed in that position for a total of five years. Customer satisfaction is my number one focus as a professional, I work after hours if it is needed of me, and I am very easy to work with.

Some of my recognizable skills that would be very useful for a computer technician in your company are:

  • Experience with C / C++ / C# / Python / Java programming languages
  • Capable of building my own computer with the right parts
  • Very efficient debugging and troubleshooting skills for a broad range of software issues

I am a very dedicated worker, with a lot of passion for what I do. There is no doubt in my mind that I would exceed anyone’s expectations of me as a computer technician in your company and I would love it if we could meet and further discuss my qualifications for your job position opening. I have attached my resume so that you may take a look at my background. I hope to hear from you shortly.




Josh Miller


A cover letter is your way of introducing yourself in your own words to your potential employer. Companies very much appreciate your effort to make a good impression, but don’t get carried away. Too much information is not what they are looking for. A one paged cover letter is more than enough to introduce yourself and it is much easier on the eye. The key points to consider while writing your cover letter are to stay professional, fresh, literate, and focus on only writing relevant information to the job being applied for.

Download This Resume Cover Letter Template In Word Format