The Ideal Student Resume As A Beginning Point

Importance of a Resume

Download Student Resume Samples In Word Format


The resume is a collection of useful details of somebody who is looking for any job or a change in job in any industry and this resume will be used as an attachment with the letter of application formally written. Any person applying for a job should be ready with his or her resume. Regardless, to have the capacity of seeking a job, people will usually required providing a resume which is truly a recorded statement of the jobseeker’s experience, ability, and training.

In a school life there are many possibilities for learners to start picking up work experience. In realty, many students make use of these prospects and will get work in retail or accommodation.


The resume will help the candidate to seek internships or any part time jobs. The resume will show the knowledge, skill-sets and internships or work experience if any. This will help the employer in judging the possibilities for a specific job profile. Hence, it is a must to compose an adequate resume showing all the abilities and information the candidate is having for fulfilling the criterion for a specific job position.

Elements of a good resume

A perfect student’s resume holds the particular details, objectives, academic qualifications, key qualities, previous work experience [if required], rewards & recognitions , extra- curricular activities. With personal details like name, contact address, contact number, etc. The academic qualifications part depicts the student’s capability which can be used to judge whether he or she is qualified for a specific job position. The objectives part defines aims and objectives for attaining high position in the organization utilizing your abilities and learning viably. The quality part defines your aptitudes and learning that might be functional in the job position applying for. This will help the employer to understand that you have sufficient knowledge on the job position. The previous work experience is an important part in the student resume. This segment may include the details of internships or summer projects during school life. It helps the employer to comprehend your learning level and range of expertise. And the co- curricular activity part must hold the details of other essential experience gathered throughout the academic period.

Download Student Resume Samples In Word Format

Given below is an example of Student Resume:



Town,  YYYY

[email protected]

(000) 000-0000



Student with experience in printed media and journalism seeks opportunity to learn while working with a publishing firm through a summer internship or part-time job.



Completed four years at Town High School

Graduation date: MMYY

G.P.A. X.XX.



Printed Media Staff Member, High School


  • June 2012 – present. Editor of campus magazine, creator of award-winning design.
  • June 2009 – September 2012. Researched information for news articles using library and Web sources. Composed and edited informational articles, columns, editorials, and advertising copy.


Tabloid Committee Member, High School


  • Aug 2012 – present. Editor-in-chief of yearbook staff.
  • Aug 2009 – Aug 2012. Yearbook staff member. .



  • Advanced composition, debate, Technical writing , video production, word processing, desktop publishing


Awards, Achievements & Memberships


  • United States Music Association Scholarship recipient

Scholarship based on community service, academic achievement and leadership in high school communications studies.

  • President of high school cultural association – present Member, 2009 – present.
  • Treasurer of baseball Society, 2010 – present

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