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There are many different tests that are used to help the doctor with their assessment. We are going to talk about a few of these in this article. These tests will provide you with a clear understanding of what your DVLA HGV medical assessment will consist of.

Once you have taken the full medical test, you will have a certificate detailing all of the information they have been given regarding your vehicle and its driver. This means that the DVLA will know everything about your vehicle and driver and they will issue you with the relevant paperwork. This should be done within 15 days.

Medical Assessment Test: Once the DVLA has received the DTMF from our company and the driver has passed his or her medical assessment, the process of HGV Medical having a full medical assessment can begin. At this stage we are asked to have a full physical examination of the driver.

This includes checking for any previous injuries as well as looking for anything unusual about the driver’s health and fitness. If any new injuries are found, we are asked to obtain records and provide copies of any x-rays, scans and reports. For this medical examination, a DTMF is required. This will give the DVLA a record of all previous and current medical issues that the driver may have.

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