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You have launched your WordPress site and are feeling happy about using one of the robust platforms to create your business presence online. But one thing site owners often neglect is the security of the site. No matter how much you work on strengthening the site, a lack of security measures makes it prone to malicious attacks. The good news is that there are several ways to prevent such attacks.
Here are tricks to implement to make your WordPress Website secure.

8 ways to make your WordPress website secure

  • Updating the website
  • WordPress steps a notch up with new releases and the good news is that it also steps up the security of the site. So, your site gets rid of various glitches and insecurities with the arrival of a new version of WordPress. If an update reveals a specific bug that is malicious for your site, people from WordPress handle it and implement a new forced version that can be called safe. So, pay heed to updates. It’s easy and takes only a few seconds. However, you can also hire the same custom WordPress development company to save time and headaches.

  • Remove unnecessary plugins
  • Several third-party plugins are malicious for your site and are primarily responsible for causing security breaches. But can you discard them all? After all, plugins go a long way in determining the functionality of a WordPress website. So, all you need is to stay on high alert.

  • Securing the WP admin folder
  • You are aware of the significance of the WP admin folder comprising the administrative files. If the security of this folder goes haywire, it will affect WordPress installation badly along with all the confidential information present in it. You can keep the WordPress admin file safe but want to know how? Hire a WordPress development company India and hand them the task of making your site secure. If you are not savvy with the technical aspects of handling WordPress sites, hiring an expert is the right solution.

  • Stop using the admin username
  • At the time of installation, WordPress generates permission at the admin level automatically. But you should stop using that username to leave the hackers clueless whereas using it exposes your website to stronger attacks. At best, you can do away with the admin folder and add an extra layer of security to your site.

  • Restrict the login attempt
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    If you allow the login form to use infinite usernames and passwords, you will open an avenue for the hacker as it helps them identify your login data. In short, restricting login attempts helps in protecting your data. Plugins are also available if you are keen to reduce login attempts.

  • Themes may cause scams
  • So you know that the feature-rich themes of WordPress websites invite hackers. Find out whether the themes on your WordPress site are outdated. That way, you will expose the source files to attackers. Moreover, third-party themes may also have insecurity and compatibility issues. Hire a web development outsourcing company to cope with such issues and protect your website from various odds that threaten its security. At Digital Concepts, a renowned outsourcing company, we have experts tackling your security issues, so you can stay relaxed about it and reduce the chances of potential attacks.

  • Strengthen the passwords
  • If you have been casual about strengthening WordPress passwords, get your facts right. You are stepping into the future, so using those number combinations as password makes your site more vulnerable. Remember one weak password may create havoc as far as the site’s security is concerned. Once you create strong passwords, make sure you keep them in mind to stay on track. If you want to hire dedicated WordPress developer, do it now. The more you delay, the higher the chance of exposing your site to hackers.

  • Firewall installation on the site and your computer
  • Installing a firewall protects your computer from online attacks. But does that offer help to your WordPress website? At least it does to a certain extent, especially because you rely on the computer to connect with the admin of the website. So, making the computer vulnerable also makes your WordPress site prone to risks.

With hackers reining the web world and constantly brushing up ways to attack websites, you have every reason to brace up the security of your site. The things mentioned here will make you less concerned about your site. Luckily, you can save yourself from handling such worrisome issues with WordPress developing companies when they are in charge of your site.

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