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Writing the First Draft of a Research proposal is a challenging task. Many research proposals are rejected despite functional research laboratory facilities. The main reason is the lack of experience in scientific writing. Every project has its criteria, and many don’t know how to propose research. Every proposal is not considered for evaluation. Research proposal writing needs an understanding of the objectives and aims of the research.

Develop confidence in your research topic and craft the parameters in your research proposal. It seems to be the best research topic for the country and enhances the publications. The more you dig into scientific writings, the more chances of being approved. If you are stuck at some stage, I suggest handing this to a PhD expert and maximizing the chances of selection, as many others consult The Academics Papers UK.    

The following are common mistakes that must avoid when writing Research Proposal

1) Misfit Criteria

Read all the instructions on the council website. You must ensure that your first draft of the research proposal meets the criteria. Don’t try luck but improve your writing style. A good research topic involves a good set of research objectives and questions. These questions must be demonstrated to convince your university to approve your research. Poor substantiation of a research topic is a common reason proposals are rejected. As a university Professor, I suggest using our guide for the best acceptance.

2) Title is Too Long

The most common mistake that I came across was the long title. Longer titles are not generally accepted because of unclear directions. The focus should be on the findings in the title. You should confine the title in the best possible way and make your scientific title. Search for the related topics and try to concise the keywords in the title of the research proposal. The title must show the main focus of the research and not leave any unanswered questions about the title. For example, consider research entitled “Evaluation of dealing between the customer and dealer”.

In the title, there is no focus on the

  • Good items  
  • the Deal

 There are most chances that this title is rejected for the unclear direction. A narrow focus on the title words and an investigation of the topic in depth. Ensure quality over quantity and refine your topic in detail. Most students have a refined topic in mind but don’t know how to articulate it in the research proposal. You must remember only a short and focused title is not enough, and you should prove communication in the dissertation and thesis.

Let’s have an example;

“Evaluation of football sale between Adidas and Hobart residents”

            This title is focused and sharp and can be understood. Remember to keep your title tight and confined for the Research proposal. Address who, where, when, and what in your title so well refined.

3) Weak Theoretical Foundation

Your research topic must correlate with the past study. Authentic research topics are accepted as their cited materials are strong. Try to use the best literature for the study. The common problem is that students do not provide enough detail in this section. This is usually because they don’t know exactly what they will do. They specify terms like “find out later”, which is insufficient to accept the research proposal. But sometimes, it’s a case of bad pronunciation. You need to show that you have done the previous and necessary study and are familiar with the existing research. There are several reasons for weak background knowledge. Some of them we encountered are given below;

  • Resources are not used, and more reliability on personal and anecdotes
  • Resources are weak and outdated
  • Fail to acknowledge key literature and landmark studies

 Well, this information type is generally unnecessary at the proposal stage. But you must prove the topic because there is a gap between the research. In this manner, you are building your topic on a strong base of credible literature.

4) Low Feasibility

Show that your research is feasible. You are a competent student to conduct research and then go for publications. Impress the reviewers with your best research proposal. Show a scholarly environment for the study. The first draft of the proposal needs much time; ignore this burden and let a PhD scholar handle your proposal.

5) Draft is very poor from the start

Reviewers don’t have much time. So, you must impress them from the start with your research proposal. Use catchy lines, grab their attention, and show excitement in the proposal. Don’t try to use complex language. Make it simple and clear. The research proposal should be concise and innovative. Don’t use jargon in the proposals. Organize all the things well integrated and tight. A strong hypothesis must clear the research criteria. Many proposals have a weak basis and are rejected in no time. The research objectives and aims must be aligned with each other. Show your positive intention towards the literature and research.

 Writing a research proposal is a hectic task and consumes your mental health. Dealing with your job and research proposal at the same time can affect both, and you cannot be productive on both ends. Considering this, you should share your stress and let a PhD expert handle it while you focus on your job. Affordable Dissertation UK is a renowned research proposal help service that guarantees a high distinction grade.

From my experience, I summarized some tips for research proposal writing;

1) Downsize the research title and use focussed keywords

2) Divide the proposal into headings

3) Audience interest must consider

4) Grab intention from the start

5) Should be a workable research

6) Alignment of research objectives, aims, and questions

7) Justified your research topic

8) Submit the proposal after the criteria match

9) Get instructions from an expert

10) Discuss landmark studies and key literature


Based on the length of the research proposal, decide if there are headings/subheadings and what they look like (e.g. introduction, background material, method, etc.). These rubrics can be selected based on specific procurement instruction recommendations. For each section, a bullet point outlines what will be discussed.

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