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Any content written by students is required to be free of plagiarism. It is one of the ultimate goals of the students. A plagiarism-free essay displays the uniqueness of the content. It is one of the most serious legal offenses in essay writing.

Students are majorly unaware of the facts that can help in the reduction of plagiarism in essays. It has been found by research conducted by Academic Integrity in College and Graduate Schools, 40% of the students submitted their essays with a high level of plagiarism. 

Now a major question arises: how to avoid plagiarism-free assignment help? Well, the purpose of this blog is just answer to the said question.

There are several solutions for avoiding plagiarism. The availability of various paraphrasing tools online generates different variations of the content every time. But, not every tool is very efficient. It has been witnessed sometimes that the sentence of the structure imparts no meaning. Thus, there are better ways in which plagiarism can be avoided. 

Let’s take a plunge into that straight away. By the end of the blog, I hope that you would be able to make out the tricks to avoid writing a plagiarised essay.


Before getting to know about the ways of avoiding plagiarism, it is important to know details about plagiarism. 

Plagiarism is defined as an act of copy-pasting someone else’s work with our name on it. The content can be anything, like ideas or research, or opinion. But the major criterion to be tagged as plagiarised content is having a high level of similarity with someone else’s work. Sometimes some students modify certain areas according to their needs and submit them. Many a time, there have been cases that two students are found to be having the exact same essay. 


Plagiarism is a moral as well as an ethical issue. It is not just an academic offense. In such cases, students take assistance from a paraphrasing generator. But again, not all of them work efficiently. It is important to keep a check on the content provided after paraphrasing. 


Writing an essay has the motive of sharing detailed information, data, idea, and many others. Sometimes it is written to persuade something to the readers. Thus, if the sentences will not have clear meaning then they will not serve the original purpose of writing as an essay. 

Therefore, we need to maintain the originality of the content. To achieve this, some of the methods are described below: 


There are many ways to construct a plagiarism-free essay. It is surely a great talent of writing content over and over again but with no plagiarism. 

Undoubtedly, students give huge preference to paraphrasing tools. It is easy and convenient. But they are not aware of the fact that sometimes the meaning of the sentences gets distorted with the use of a paraphrasing tool. 

Thus, you should have at least a basic knowledge of plagiarism and how it can be avoided. 



Students tend to copy someone else’s work as they lack a clear understanding of the topic. They remain unaware of the subject matter of an essay assignment given in their academic institutions. This is a major problem as to why students of every level take help paraphrasing tools. 

Students start panicking or being lazy to put in the required hard work for avoiding plagiarism. Copy and pasting others’ work seems to be a better and easy option for them. 

Plagiarism results in originating a lot of other problems other than just a moral and ethical breach. There is a certain percentage of marks that get reduced if plagiarism is found. There is a whole slab of percentage reduction according to the percentage of plagiarism found in the content. It leaves a very negative impression on the students on their teachers. 

Thus the first piece of advice I would like to give is to conduct thorough research on the topic. Doing research is also not a very easy task and I agree with it completely. But then for this, you need to know the different types of research.

The type of research that you are required to conduct depends on some factors. The factors are listed below: 

  • The subject or the topic of an essay 
  • The type of essay you are supposed to compose 
  • The deadline by which you have to be ready with your essay 

Now, how will fulfil the above expectations properly? Continue reading to learn more about it: 

  • The first thing to be considered is understanding the topic of the essay. The research that you are supposed to conduct on the topic can be done in various ways. You can search for information on Google, YouTube, and Google Scholar, or just take assistance from an academic expert. 

According to me, it is wise to opt for the last option if you are in crunch time. 

  • The second thing you need to consider is the authenticity of the source. There is ample information available online about every topic. But, be careful. Now is the tricky part. Not every piece of information available on various websites remains authentic and correct. You can rely on the information from scholarly papers but not on every site. For this, you need to conduct smart research. I agree that it is not a characteristic of a student. Thus, this adds to one more reason to take assistance from an academic expert. 
  • Third and very important thing is to identify the type of essay. This forms the base of the research that you need to conduct. For example, if it is a reflective essay then the research will be about your personal experiences. 
  • Lastly, the time frame in which you are to complete the essay assignment is also important. if you have been given just two to four days, then such an elaborate process is not possible. You will not be able to research thoroughly and this will affect the quality of the essay. 

Composing an essay or just filling in the word count is not the only aim. In the end, you would also need to write the essay in the proper format, edit, proofread, cite references, and many more. 

Nursing essays take more time. Thus according to the demand of the situation you need to take action. If you feel that you will not be able to produce a proper non-plagiarised essay, you can always take help from online nursing assignment help for constructing your essay. 


During the classes, it is important to write down notes. It is not possible to write in full sentences but jotting down the points is also fine. 

This will help in creating the outline of your essay. You would have the points ready before on that you would require to conduct research. 

Here are a few tips regarding taking proactive notes in your class: 

  • Write in your own words. Do not try to form sentences like the one sitting beside you. no matter how much appealing it seems, you need to stick to your originality. Plagiarism can be avoided in this manner.
  • Make a summary afterwards taking notes. It would help in understanding the topic in a better way and clear your doubts. You will be able to conduct proper research on the topic.
  • Anything that holds weight need to be highlighted. This will help you in creating a style of your own in writing a plagiarism-free essay. 
  • Note down the references as soon as you take any information from a paper or site. 
  • Being concise, clear, and crisp is the key to being aligned with the topic. The essay would be free of fluffy words and fewer chances of plagiarism would be there. 

It is correct to point out that taking down notes has nothing to do with an argument or a discussion. It is done to have direction in your research. It would help in clearing concepts and remembering them. 


When you start getting a hang of your understanding of the concept, you start creating your own content. This is the first successful step in avoiding plagiarism in your essay. 

If you are wondering about the exact cause of plagiarism, let me tell you. Plagiarism results from a bit of both of insufficient research and improper citations. 

It is a universal view that a universal concept cannot be tweaked after a point. I agree with this, but what I believe the most is that there is no concept that can’t be explained in your own words. this can happen only when you are clear with the concept. 

It is not related to the skills of paraphrasing. It is associated with the inclusion of providing a personal perspective on a particular topic. 

Some tips to provide personal touch: 

  • Use synonyms of the words used in the original content. 
  • Read the information over and over again until it becomes crystal to you. 
  • Understand the demand of the passage that you are about to construct. 
  • Follow the series of information to be included in different paragraphs. 
  • Follow your instincts. 
  • Polish the thought which came to your mind when you read the content for the first time. 
  • Try to convert a complex thought or words into layman’s terms. 
  • Do not use highly technical language unnecessarily. 

In the end, everyone has their tone of describing a thing. This is figured out by the way of writing. You need to find your own and develop it. Do not stress the fact if you do not find perfection in one go. Practice makes a man perfect. 


Paraphrasing has an additional benefit in essay writing. It avoids plagiarism the most. Apart from the use of paraphrasing tools, you can actually do it manually. Yes, it will take time in the start but it would be advantageous in the long run. 

Paraphrasing is associated with expressing the same idea or concept with the use of different words. 

Let us take an example: 

James takes his car every day to his work. One day he could not reach the office on time as his car broke down. He had forgotten to get the repair done. 

You can paraphrase it in the following way: 

James uses his car to reach the office on time every day. One day he forgot to do the basic repair and his car broke on the road. Thus, he was late to reach the office that day. 

Below are some tricks that can be used for paraphrasing the content: 

  • Reread the text several times.
  • Understand the underlying subject 
  • Represent the idea in your own language 
  • Cite sources to not encounter plagiarism. 


You need to practice paraphrasing then only you will have clarity and command over the language. Keep in mind to distort the language from the time you start composing your essay. Follow the above tips and tricks to avoid plagiarism. 

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