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Write For Us – Submit Your Post

Here is a brief guide for those who want to write for us. Our goal is to help the authors understand our requirements. Please note that we prefer; technology, IT and blogging related content or any content about Silicon Valley.

How To Get Your Submission Accepted
All of the following must be complied with, or your article will be rejected.

A. Your list should be 550–2,500 words long.
B. Your English level must be that of a native speaker.
C. You must provide sources to show that what you are saying is factual.
D. The topic and items must not already be published on the Internet in list form.
E. Your article must be one hundred per cent your own writing.
F. Your article must not promote or assist people in committing crimes.

Please note:

  • 1 Outgoing link for every 450 words, max 3 outgoing links per article
  • Don’t even think about: spam, gamble, adult, drugs-related content will be rejected automatically!

Now please subscribe to our blog and post your article!

Good Luck !

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